K9 monitoring

K9 Monitoring

K9 monitoringUsing various temperature sensors deployed in the patrol vehicle kennel, the facility kennels, and attached to the dog’s collar, Officers and staff have an affordable means of remotely K9 monitoring the conditions around their dogs. The data, provided by the temperature sensors, is passed back to our portal online software via a CDMA cellular gateway in the patrol vehicle or facility. The sensor information is checked against conditions that are configured in the software, and alerts are sent to the officer’s or staff’s cell phones and/or email if the temperatures are too high or low. The data is accessible via any Internet enabled device such as a computer, tablet or smart phone.



A law enforcement agency in the southern United States had an incident with a patrol vehicle’s air conditioning unit failing while the officer was responding to a call. Due to the extremely hot weather, it didn’t take long for the K9 left in the vehicle to suffer from the heat. The officer had no idea that the air conditioning had failed or that his partner was in trouble. These K9’s work hard, and are regarded as part of the team. And it is devastating when a situation like this happens.

ROI – Return of Investment

It easy to realize an immediate return on investment, however, to determine the ROI for this application, you would have to put a price on the health and well being of your law enforcement K9 and factor in training cost and time, not to mention the emotional connection of the team. Partnering with Monnit allows this K9 trainer to send a temperature monitoring system with every dog that leaves his care. Since initiating this solution, several instances of unsafe conditions have been detected allowing officers or staff to respond quickly, ensuring the safety of their dogs.

There is so much time and care invested in training our K-9’s. It’s comforting to know that every dog we send out has a greater chance at remaining safe from heat exhaustion. Thank you for making such a great product!
Lee H., Head Instructor


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