Nova's SA2 Indusrial UMPC-

Nova Mobility Systems has focused on understanding the needs of the mobile computing community to determine why certain devices have succeeded while others have failed. We have created The SideArm 2 UMPC series to include the features necessary to make an ultra productive product by listening to the tens of thousands of customers of our first rugged UMPC in the market, the SideArm I are looking for. Nova is now introducing the SideArm 2, a second generation, fully rugged and fully sealed mobile computing device focused on productivity and user convenience. Nova’s SideArm 2 provides our customers with integrated wireless connectivity standards in a small, light weight design, choice of two handed touch typeable or one handed keyboard in a durable, reliable design, The SA2 is a product built to work with you, allowing far greater productivity and enjoyment in more places than other mobile computing devices on the market.

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Mobile Computing Ideal For:
• Healthcare
• Military and Government
• Medical
• Parking Management
• Mobile Sales Force
• Retail
• Fleet management
• Production management

Side Arm 2 Key Benefits:
Battery life:
Seamless computing throughout the day with its 10+ hour battery
Run always on broadband and push email
Instant on
Intel Speed Step technology
Under 2 pounds - lightest full function mobile pc
10+ hour battery options still coming in at under 2.5 pounds with
maximum battery life
Screen view ability:
High resolution, daylight readable screen that is
viewable under almost any condition
One handed input keyboard enables users to hold the device
in one hand and type with the other
Palm rejection touch screen allows an unmatched and
complete user input experience.
Embedded communications:
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, as well as GSM Cellular and 3G connectivity
are all included in one unit.
EVDO and CDMA available via PCI Express card slot
Embedded GPS is standard. Vehicle directions and routing applications
Memory management:
We have incorporated more memory options than any other
mobile computer
DOM (2 Slots), 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB per slot
SSDs 32 – 64GB
HDDs 60GB – 120GB
Micro SD 2GB, 4GB, 6GB

Main Product Specifications:
• CPU: Intel Atom 1.1 GHz Z510 with US15W Chipset
• Memory: 1GB Memory standard with 2GB option
• Display: 800 x 480 7" LED display with daylight readable option
. Palm rejection touch screen
• Storage: 4GB Disk on Module solid state storage and Micro
. SD card expansion standard
. 8GB,16GB and 32GB DOM solid state storage optional per slot (2 slots)
. 60 - 120GB HDD or 32 - 64GB SSD option
• Keyboard: Fully sealed backlit keyboard
. One handed QWERTY keyboard with numeric keypad standard

• Operating Systems:
. Windows XP Embedded
. Windows XP Pro Tablet
. Vista
. Linux
• I/O Ports:
. PC express card
. 2 USB 2.0 ports
. Docking expansion connector
. DC-In
. Microphone jack
. Headset jack
. SD card slot
. RFiD (option)
. Bar code reader (option)
. iris scanner (option)

. Primary 3 hour Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
. Secondary 7 hour Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Option
. Secondary 10 hour Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Option

Wireless Communication:
. Wireless - WiFi 802.11a/b/g and Bluetooth V2.0 Integrated
. 3G (option)

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