Nova's SA2 Business UMPC-

The SideArm 2 Business (“SA2B”) unit will have the advantages of our initial SA2I design and utilize the next Intel Atom chipset version to meet the increased processing power needs of our business customers. Additionally the SA2B will have enhanced video performance to facilitate higher performance video and rich multimedia web experiences as well as gaming applications. Through enhancing the multimedia aspects, professional users such as Architects and Engineers and demanding users like Video-gamers will be able to run their video intensive applications in the palm of their hand s. The SA2B will have the same durability as the SA21 including the same magnesium case and optional daylight readable screen. Storage options will continue to be a focus as additional storage , with the same durability , will be achieved with a rugged 1.8” high capacity hard drive. Enhanced global connectivity and communications will be provided through a GSM cellular phone connection.

The SA2B provides high end business users with an ultra portable, ultra reliable personal pc that can be carried throughout the day and accessed in almost any situation to dramatically improve workflow.

The SA2B has these differentiating specifications and features:

• High capacity memory
• Cellular phone
• 3G option
• Automatic Wi-Fi / Wi-Max switch
• Backlit Full-Touch© two hand type able keyboard
• Palm rejection touch screen
• SoftTouch© UI allows users to enter into limited function modes music, navigation, video, extending battery life and allowing this full functioning PC to become an application specific device to improve performance for that specific task.


Detailed Features and Specifications Coming Soon:

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