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We provide a variety of tools to help businesses of all kinds succeed on and off the web.Nova Assure - GPS Telematics Software

RFID allows an object, place, or person to be automatically identified at a distance without a direct line-of-sight, using an electromagnetic challenge/response exchange. This system enhances merchandise and asset management, reduces operating expenses and increases higher revenues and/or margins. Typical applications include Warehouse Operations, Enterprise Asset Management, Field Service Location Tracking, Transportation and Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, and Access Control for secure facilities.

RFID Sensor

Improve driver performance, reduce accidents and redundancy, manage accountability, record inefficiencies and monitor asset damage/loss.


• Capture and report road rage or dangerous incidents

• GREAT for Government and Emergency Vehicles!

• Be safe when transporting clients and children

• Keep an eye on your driver’s activity

• Faster insurance claims processing

• Manage your fleet using GPS

• Peace of mind

Nova Assure - GPS Telematics SoftwareNova Assure - GPS Telematics Software

GPS & Telematics Software

Every consumer has concerns about their most valuable assets. This software offers the everyday customer more clarity regarding the assets they value most. It is easy-to-use and can bring any customer real-time information via their PC or smartphone. In today’s modern world the “smart home” is a rapidly growing concept and the experts project that the IoT industry and “asset tracking” is the wave of the future. This software brings the everyday person to another level of awareness and security regarding their highly valuable assets. No need to worry about your level of technological expertise. With our user-friendly Nova Assure portal and knowledgeable IT Support staff, you can rest assured that your assets can be protected everyday from anywhere.

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Create your own “Internet of Things” and remotely monitor various aspects of your business with  securely connected, online solutions. Sensor Assure products have been tried and tested in some of the most demanding industries. Effortlessly monitor cooler temperatures, production processes, data centers, building systems and more. “Ditch the clipboards” and start saving time and money with a fully automated solution that provides 24/7 data tracking, monitoring and real-time alerts.

Assure Locate - GPS Teen TrackerNova Assure - GPS Telematics Software

GPS Teen & Elder Tracker

Family comes first and in the hectic world of today, many parents and adult children of an elderly parent are simply too busy to provide consistent protection for their sacred loved ones. This plug and play GPS tracking device makes it easier than ever to offer the necessary care for either a young driver or a parent that is in need of special attention. Assure Locate is affordable and requires minimum technical expertise. Easy to install just choose the vehicle, plug and track your vehicle in seconds. Our IT Support team are available to help our clients, you can start tracking the driving behavior of a valuable loved one before a dilemma strikes. Research shows that tracking devices are becoming more and more popular in homes around the world. It makes sense too. Ensuring the safety and security of children or elderly loved ones is simply a part of everyday life. GPS tracking of family vehicles is the smarter solution in the modern world of technology. Our Nova Assure portal and selection of affordable vehicle tracking devices makes it easier than ever to monitor family vehicle maintenance and safety at anytime from any PC or smartphone.

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Assure Fleet - GPS FLEET MANAGEMENTNova Assure - GPS Telematics Software

Fleet Management Tracking System

Business owners have a tremendous amount of responsibility and a limited amount of time available in their busy schedules. Due to this fact, Fleet Management is becoming the number one industry in today’s business market and devices such as Assure Fleet explain why. Peace of mind is something that is invaluable when managing and growing a business. This device can offer competitive Fleet Management monitoring options and consistent peace of mind for any type of business owner. More importantly, it can be personalized to meet a variety of business owners’ needs with feature options such as speeding and fuel reporting, automatic on/off, idle reporting, harsh braking and acceleration and more. It also encourages accountability and productivity among staff members, which is extremely cost-effective for any type of company with teams of employees driving high-priced fleet vehicles.